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kaltxì guys i was show and intresting thing about vocaloid my friend and me make a script what can make short song and lyrics and we tried to write and depression song
the song was depressed (for computer) when you listen you think in yourself the song was strange and intresting
oky the first part
i choose my singer

Big Al was perfect for this job
now come the singing style

Strong accent was enough not good but not worst at all
lyrics was few week before
Lyrics is:
Spoilerworst time in my life when you leave me alone l call you but you get rid of me i feel myself so depressed i cant say any word just i love youthe audiowave was look like this

and sound like this
Your browser does not support HTML5 audio tags.
song was start from 7sec and last at 27 sec
facts this post just show how vocaloid works i was posed recently about computer sing navi song
lyrics was not real just computer puted words together and generated this vsqx file i mastered the audio like set up accent and try to solve the false soundings(not succesfully)
next thing before i close down i made this in 19.07.17 i just found in my documents and show as sample for some people understand how vocaloid work

That sound is interesting. Interesting work :)

What else you will try with this?


--- Quote from: Toliman on October 29, 2019, 05:58:06 pm ---That sound is interesting. Interesting work :)

What else you will try with this?

--- End quote ---
the singing capable first goal of testing i wanna use my friends script what not matter in this part to make a complex lyrics song like when you sing an national anthem or
like this chant from this part it is sounds complex humans can produce if anything good but computer not an easy thing about complex language forms in lyrics

Ok, good luck with this :)


--- Quote from: Toliman on October 29, 2019, 06:05:33 pm ---Ok, good luck with this :)

--- End quote ---
i do my best but my main project was more important than this i keep open this thread to get comments about this little test


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