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RAM problems.

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I have Malwarebytes so I'm good in that department.

Blue Elf:

--- Quote from: archaic on November 26, 2017, 03:49:03 am ---
--- Quote from: Blue Elf on November 25, 2017, 12:30:58 pm ---What apps do you use? Check using task manager, which process eats memory.

Well, there was once time, when 640 kB Ram was sufficient  :). It was time, when I was young ...  :'(

--- End quote ---
I remember when 8k was considered good, I now have 8gb ram sticks.
closing/deleting apps that you don't need running is good, also I'd do a full malware sweep, just to be on the safe side.

--- End quote ---
Just 8 kB? What computer type? I remember ZX81 which had only 1 kB a base memory with extension module giving unbelievable 16 kB. It was during my high school studies, I think.

Let's assume that win10 and antivirus can easily eat up to 4GB. FF can easily eat 1GB and up to 2GB after few hours of using. That's still not enough to fill whole 8GB that You have. Maybe Your software have bug in memory management. Maybe You have bloatware included in some drivers like special software for SSD, graphic card, sound card or mobo?

If it's not top secret, please show memory usage in task manager. That should solve few questions.

btw. You have fresh win10 installation or upgrade from older version?

Spoiler: offtopic640KB wasn't enough for me. I always need drivers so whole 16MB was accessible.
#DOS for gaming!

I think, there is a software with a memory leak or something as mentioned. I have 16 GB RAM installed and have some things open (music player, Office, FF with 8 tabs etc), and my memory usage is currently about 23% (3.7GB/16GB).

The bloatware might be NVIDIA's GeForce Experience. It keeps my GPU driver up to date but is full of featured I don't need. Like launching games, recording, live streaming, etc.
My SSD required no software, sound card is integrated into the mobo, both with so software, only tiny driver files.


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