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Started by Teyl Maktoyu Ayfìwopxä, November 24, 2015, 06:15:38 PM

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Teyl Maktoyu Ayfìwopxä

Hello everyone,

I haven't been on this forum for ages,
but I knew it had a techie area and since I don't really want to make forum accounts for other forums, I thought I'd come here.

So here's my setup and problem.

PSU: Cooler master (idk what the full product name is, but the product NO is: RS-700-ACAB-D3)
CPU: An I5 series Intel which I cant find the full specs of.
MOBO: ASrock B85M Pro4

First off:

  • My computer has been working for a little over 2 years and I put it together myself.
  • I've never had any hardware or software problems except for some malware the first year.

I came home from my evening classes which last about 3 and a half hours, during this time I usually leave my pc running.

  • When I activated my monitor, the screen appeared frozen, my mouse still appeared to have power as its laser still worked, but the mouse didn't move on screen.
  • I tried putting in my keyboard, but it did not get any power, thus I could still not do anything.
  • I tried inserting my drawing tablet to move the mouse, again, no movement, neither did it receive power.
  • I shut down my pc, first I tried restarting it by shortly just pressing the power button and directly releasing it, this didn't work
  • When I restarted my pc completely, it rebooted itself every 15-20 seconds. The monitor or external peripherals did not get any power.
  • I opened the case, got rid of some dust which might have caused some issues.
    This caused some change, it didn't keep restarting anymore, however now, when I'd reboot it, after 3 seconds,
    it would reboot once, and then keep working. However my monitor and peripherals would still be powerless.
  • I've tried (not in this order)

    • Cleaning some excessive cooling paste from the cpu and the heatsink.
    • Removing GPU
    • Resetting BIOS, this would result in being able to boot the pc once properly without it restarting, but still no peripherals the single restart issue would appear again after another reboot
    • Removing RAM
    • Swapping the RAM card positions.
    • Removing power from the tower, holding the power button for about 30-90 seconds.

    So far nothing worked, many people suggest problems with either my motherboard or my psu.
    However if my motherboard would be broken, shouldn't my GPU and RAM have to be without power as well?

    Many thanks in advance!



That's an interesting problem. Does your OS (if you have access to it) have some error logs saved? That could be useful to know.

I would suggest to get a test PSU to check if the problem occures by the PSU. If the PSU isn't the problem, then the mainboard would be our candidate.

QuoteThe monitor or external peripherals did not get any power.
I guess your monitor does not receive any data from the GPU...

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Teyl Maktoyu Ayfìwopxä


I'm going to ask the teachers at my school if I can use the equipment they have there and if maybe they know of anything else that could be the problem.

Most forums point at CPU, PSU or BIOS battery.

I really hope it's the PSU or BIOS, because I can not pay for another CPU at this moment, but I really really really really do need my computer for my studies!
If it's really broken, I guess I need to find a way to connect my internal HD's to my dad's laptop to access any data. :/

Thank you for the suggestion though. ^^


The chance that your CPU is broken is very very low. I never saw a CPU that "just died", only by excessive OC or too much voltage in the CPU cores.

Have you took a closer look at the mainbord for eventually broken electrolytic capacitors and the electrical contacts?

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Teyl Maktoyu Ayfìwopxä

I have, however I did not spot anything out of order.


So the computer powers on but you don't get a picture on the display?

Disconnect all unnecessary components (disconnect power cable before doing this): HDDs, optical drives, additional PCI cards. If your CPU (i5) has integrated graphics (like an Intel HD 4000) you can remove the discrete GPU too. Remove all RAM sticks but one. Then reset the BIOS by either pulling the battery or by using the appropriate clrcmos jumper (see mainboard manual for details). Try cycling the single RAM stick: try all slots and try all modules - but only one at a time.

I had similar issues with some pretty old hardware (10+ years old) and it was always a broken mainboard. Your mainboard is a bit too young to fail but it is not impossible.

Like Tìtstewan said before, I haven't seen a CPU dying "on its own". It's not impossible but quite unlikely. The same goes for RAM sticks. PSU is possible but usually this will cause the PC to not start at all (no fans, LEDs) or just for a very short time.

Do you see any burn marks or broken components on your mainboard? Especially around the CPU socket where the VRMs are located.


I know this thread is old but I just want to chime in.

This issue is consistent with a dying power supply (PSU). If I were you and still have the issue, replace your power supply with a new one or ask a friend that knows how to do that if you don't.
It could be the bios doing weird things or your CPU becoming to hot during posting, if it even posts. Good Luck!  ;)
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