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What wallpaper do you use on your PC?

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Swok Txon:
Yeah it really is, set it as desktop background and just reference it whenever u want lol

In before fake pron folders. I just have Neytiri.  ;D

Great ;D

I could also post my other wallpaper, but it's certainly a bit to big ;)

Do you want me to do that?  ;D

Atoki Atanyä:
I currently have this one i made a while back, but I've been looking for a decent Avatar one cause it's not great.
/shameless self promotion :P

Anyone know of any good ones?

And I really need to get Windows 7...

Just google for "Neytiri Wallpaper", or something like that, set a suitable image size and browse the first 20 pages. That's the way I searched for my wallpapers ;)

--- Quote from: Atoki Atanyä on January 19, 2010, 08:02:51 am ---And I really need to get Windows 7...

--- End quote ---

Why? Which OS are you using atm?


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