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What wallpaper do you use on your PC?

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I also made a similar Thread :D

mine is:


With win7 ;D

Ps: Your signature is wrong. It should be "Wenn jemand auf irgendeiner Scheiße sitzt, die du haben willst, mach ihn zum Feind, und das rechtfertigt dann, dass du dirs nimmst". ;D

Sorry for that.

Swok Txon:
That is a VERY cool win7 backround dude

and can i see a program that i use to use?

(the one with two computers and a lightning bolt)

Jake on my desktop and Neytiri on my terminal. :D
(Fedora 12 with AWN bar on the bottom)

Suteyä Hawnuyu:

Found it somewhere on LearnNavi... txan srung [much help].


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