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What wallpaper do you use on your PC?

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the topic already says, what I want to know ;D

Swok Txon:
My wallapaper is a Nike wallpaper

Excuse its hugeness

No problem, looks nice ;)

I didn't want to upload a picture everyone knows, so I just made a screenshot  ;D

Swok Txon:
Fair enough, probably should have done that

my vista has a avatar wallpaper (can't remember which tho) which is really good

that's once reason why i prefer vista over XP, the design of the U.I. is so much cooler

The OSs i use are win XP and Mac OS ;D

The screenshot you saw, was from my mac :) With my pc, i use a 24", and a 19" display ;D

And you're right, vista looks cooler than xp, but .. vista gets fairly slow after some time, and nearly nothing works on it without problems.


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