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Eytukan's bow

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 :o :o
WOW!! Adorable!
Meh, I would have this bow too....

Wau, ma Kamean! Sunu oer nìtxan!
This is one of the best prop replicas I've ever seen, the details are amazing and to see you draw the bow to show that it could just have been the bow that Eytukan and later Neytiri have used; simply amazing!

The resemblance is striking, you really did a great job on this, Karma Cookies and eternal honor to you ma tsmukan!

That's be very nice and cool ! The best bow everyday have seen, i don't speak russian what is the prise for this bow?

Pam (P.A.'li makto):
Beautiful! All Avatar fans's dream! The Lord of the Bows! Oh, how green I am with envy! 


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