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It's Purim soon


Ayzìsìt Alenantang:
OK. for those of you who dosen't know, Purim is sort of the "Jewish halloween" and I want to dress up as Jake's avatar (With RDA clothes, not a bikini).
Now, my plan besides the make-up is a military green jacket and pants, a dar gray T-shirt, brown shoes and a blue tight long-sleeved shirt an gloves. I still need some ideas for the tail and maybe ears, the teeth aren't that critical and I can get the make-up right.
Any ideas? Purim is february 28th this year.

Eywayä Kato:
eHow - How to Make a Wearable Tail.

I've made lots of tails (which is sort of a weird thing to be able to claim), and they're really not that hard.  You are, in essence, just folding a strip of fabric in half and sewing a tube with a shut end.  I've got here a tip on keeping the tail nice and round at the end, please forgive the ever-so-sucky MS-Paint drawing.

That's an end view of the tail (looking straight on at the tip).  In A you've only done the sewing required to finish the tail (red seam).  As you can see that leaves the tail sorta thin looking.  Even if you stuff the tail to full capacity, the very end will still have this weird pinched thing going on.  In picture B you pinch in the sides and sew those down, which in turn makes the tail into more of a dome shape at the end.  This is because in the first stitch you only pull from the left and right.  When you stick across (B) you also pull from the top and bottom which creates balance, allowing for a nice curve:

Since you'll turn everything inside-out when you're done stitching you can go back and make repairs pretty easily so long as the final stitching is smooth.

As for materials, unless you have a sewing machine and are feeling bold enough to work with a material that will mimic the appearance of skin and then painting it, I'd suggest using a felt material.  It's pretty easy to work with and markers, paint, dye, and even makeup and dry media can get worked into the material pretty easily.  So if you start with a light-blue fabric you could use the same makeup to draw the stripes on your tail as you did on your face.  If you're good with air-blown media, spray paint and a stencil held above the surface can work nicely.

Above all, good luck and Eywa ngahu!

Nume fpi sänume:
Good tail idea. The pictures are a great inclusion.


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