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Karyu Jane’s guide to Na'vi and Avatar Costuming

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Human No More:
Txantsan! ;D

My costume is nearly complete... I don't think it will look as good as yours though yours is amazing :)

A few things for me to consider for next time though.

`Eylan Ayfalulukanä:
I don't know why I never noticed this post before, but what a wonderful resource!

I guess this year, I had the reputation of being the worst-looking Na'vi/avatar that was there  ;) One major problem was I wasn't prepared. the other is paint would not stick to me no matter how carefully I prepared beforehand  :-[ And yes, I need to shave my arms. They are much hairier than I thought they were (but the hair kept the paint on).

Next year, I think it will be PAX or alcohol-based paint, and probably at least partially applied before I go (I'll get some really weird looks at security  ??? ). I like how Ikxeru's PAX paint turned out as well. It looked very natural. But your paint has a 'shine' or a 'depth' to it that is hard to explain, and it looks very real.

Finding all the little bits and beads, etc. will be quite challenging, for a non-jewelry-aware man! Maybe someone would be intereted in making these items for me.

Lastly, for your goggles, consider having a set of prescription lenses made (or use an old set that is still close). The lenses themselves are not too expensive, and they often make them right in the store now. Build these into a wood frame for the renten. If you can find lenses with a slight irridescent look to them, all the better. (Some sunglasses have this, and if you don't need eyeglasses, this is a very inexpensive alternative.) Then, carefully paint some 'veins' on them, but in a way that doesn't drive your eyes nuts. BTW, this is not an original idea; someone at AvatarMeet this year had renten like this.

Niri Te:
Ateyo and I will each put something together this spring, if for nothing else than wearing it around here on the Sky Ranch every once in a while. (In the event that we will be unable to afford to go to LA this year.) We will each make Cosplay costumes for one of the characters in our FanFictions. Don't feel bad for us if we CAN'T make it. If we cosplay out here, we could be totally naked, the population density in Hudspeth or Culberson Counties is one person per 3 to 5 square miles. Plus, this "Rebel" Avatar pilot,(Tai Tae Ao), could actually Take "Ateyo" her Na'vi wife up in a plane IN COSTUME.


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