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Karyu Jane’s guide to Na'vi and Avatar Costuming

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Jane MacMillan:
Irayo, ma frapo!
Just passing on some of the things I learned, so that everyone can be fabulously blue for next summer.  ;D

Txura Rolyu:
Might I suggest some things for our Male audience?  :P  I have been working on my costume for a while and will be getting pictures this Halloween of all of it put together.

I added a few things clothing wise and I use creame base make-up (25$ for whole body each time) but it can wear off kinda fast if you arent careful. Easy wash off thought.  :)

Jane MacMillan:
Sure, feel free to post whatever else you come up with. Most of what I've got here is gender non-specific, except for the part about covering one's breasts/nipples. Silly decency laws.  ::)

Txura Rolyu:
Okay I will be sure to post all of my Halloween costume pictures so that people might get an idea from my work.  :D

I have a lab coat.. I think I'll wear that on Friday or Sunday :D Thanks for the inspiration.

Also I really do love your cosplay, if I haven't said it already!


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