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Native American clothes & stuff (cause' N.A. are small Na'vi without tail XD )

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Kaltxì ma Blue Efl

--- Quote from: Blue Elf on July 23, 2014, 02:21:47 pm ---Oh hell, awesome work! You could be professional tailor! Or you already are?  :D ;D

--- End quote ---
I completely forgot to answer you  :o
I'm not a professional tailor, my job is... photograph/cameraman  ;D 

Eywa ngahu

Kaltxì ma frapo !

Well, i don't really like the triangular shirt because of its manufacturing and modern stitching, so I decided to make my own top.
fringed seams and short sleeves (open)
And as usual, we'll spend hours ;)

The product is nice and pleasant to wear.
The leather is thinner than the two large pieces that I got in Ardèche, so, I'll redo my loincloth;)

The sleeves are short and without stitching on the lower part.

Now let's talk about the shop where I bought all this stuff.
The store is called Au Renard and had a... supermaket size  :o
Supermarket filled with storage rack with thousands of skins and furs
Paradise, what!
For sure, they will see me often  :D

Pen ayngahu frakrr !

Merel atxantsan nítxan nang! :D

Kaltxì ma smuktu !

Tse, Śúŋgmanitu ȟóta lu poru aynikre alor set nang (aynikre a lu nigm nìtxan nang  :D )
(Sunu oer fìfnenikre a lu ngim  :-[ )

Aynikre alor ayngahu frakrr !

Kaltxì !

Small update :
- black hairs which are absolutly beautiful (wigs are life :D :D :D)
Spoiler: - Facial war paintwhite on the face usually symbolizes mourning, so, I will continue his BG and find a little drama to justify the color ... I like to hurt my characters ... niark niark niark  ;D
- hairs on his leggings's fringes

Next step : Shield  8)

Tsamopin ayngahu frakrr !


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