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Native American clothes & stuff (cause' N.A. are small Na'vi without tail XD )

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Kaltxì ma smuktu

During my holidays, i found an awesome leather store and bought two splendid peices
I made three parts of Native American clothes
- loincloth
- leggings
- arm

i bought the mocassins, wallet and kinfe because i was thinking all the leather will not be enough

I don't use "modern" materials, only leather and "babiche"

I proudly introduce you Śúŋgmanitu ȟóta [Grey Wolf] {pronounce : "Songmanitou rOta" }. (Background for this character)
(I have not my wig, so you need to use your imagination   ;D )

I found the furr in a tissue store
The Chocker is an assembly de bone pearls from Wapika
I found the "shirt" in a motorbike convention

Because the weather is very hot this day, i will remove the fur

... and the arms

Grey Wolf should come from Britain because he don't like hot air...
So, the top... WipEout !

Leggins are good during the winter... so, WipEout too !

Rear-view, you can see the fur, quiver and wallet ;)

Conception of the arms :
I searched on the internet about Native American method to create arm... but nothing.
So, i created my arm like Japanese.
We can tell that Grey Wolf met a Japanese guy, and talked about clothing with him ;)

sewing details (leggings)


the same method as leggings

So, i need to create ornaments ;)

With all the leftover i made the quiver ;)

Aypen ayngahu frakrr !

WOU!! :D :D
Txantsana ayrel! Karma ngaru!

Blue Elf:
Oh hell, awesome work! You could be professional tailor! Or you already are?  :D ;D
Well, it needs karma! Fantastic!

`Eylan Ayfalulukanä:
Awesome, and well thought-out!

Kaltxì ma smuktu !

Irayo seiyi nìtxan hamrateri ;)

Tse, leiu vur teri Nantang Angul

The sky is clear, and let the stars twinkle.
High in the sky, a shooting star appears.
However, it does not appear similar to to the others.
The small light turns into fireball which splits into two and while the first disappear beyond the horizon, the second part fall behind the high peaks of the nearby trees.
The earth itself trembles and into the night, a light begins to shine.
In the forest a rustling turns into din.
Animals are fleeing a common enemy.
An enemy against which even the mighty grizzly can do nothing.
The flames rise high in the sky and the small group gives warning.
Here and there, people rush outside of the houses and begin to store the material for imminent departure.
In the sky, heavy black clouds are piling up.

A drop.
A second, followed by a third.
Someone opens his mouth and yells something but the deafening din of the rain covers his voice.
The sky lights up twice.
Earth trembles twice.
Two thunder rolling in the mountains.
Strong thunder, heavy rain !

Behind the barrier of tall trees, the glow of the fire disappear slowly
After this doomsday moment, clouds move, letting the moonlight rising again.

In the village, a small group goes towards the site.

After an hour of walking, they arrive.
The scene is a nightmare and majestic trees lie broken as puppets without ropes
At the epicenter of this desolate land, a still standing trunk.
At his feet, a human form, extent.

The four men in the group come forward.
Suddenly one of them cries, showing the person lying on the ground.
The trunk is hollow and strange.
A hundred small fireflies illuminate the interior.
One member puts his hand on the man on the ground, showing to other the strange links connecting the unknown inside the trunk.

After a few minutes, decision is taken.
The unknown is living, and they must help him, that is the duty of the group
However, as a child connected to his mother, this man is attached to the strange hollow trunk with multiple umbilical cords.

The stranger is placed into his trunk and the whole is attached on a travois.
The lightness surprise the group ; transportation will be easy.

The way back is challenging for the group.
Torn between fear and curiosity, they cannot help but wonder who this woman whose voice come from the trunk.
Is this the voice of the trunk itself ?

The arrival in the village generates a crowd around the strange unknown and his sarcophagus.
Once again, the invisible woman speaks, generating stupefaction and questions

An extraordinary council was held by men, while women try to heal the unknown lying at the foot of the sarcophagus.

Number of questions were asked that night, the most important, "should we cut the umbilical cord of the unknown" ...

A year has passed and the stranger is well integrated into the life of the village.
Having quickly mastered the language, he can now communicate with people around them.
Because he can not remember his name, the village gave him a new, "Falling Star", related how he had fallen from the sky.

Although foreign visitors are already spent in the village, this newcomer arouses curiosity.
It is indeed identical to the others, but his speaking, his manners and his clothes are too different.
The voice of his sarcophagus no longer speaks now, and the fireflies do not glow at all
During some evenings, between two legends told by the elders, the stranger tells stories of his country, a land where metallic trees grow while in the sky flying giant-fire-birds.
Often, he looks an amulet he wears around his neck.
An arrow comes alive when he puts the object in his hand.
On the center of the amulet, three identical symbols, "9".
The unknown can not remember what the amulet aim for, but symbols say that the distance is immense.

Time passes and the memory of the unknown about the causes of its appearance here does not always seem to come back.
He remembers a few snatches of his old life and tell stories around the campfire.
These stories thrill the people.

Today is an important day for Falling Star, he is authorized to lead the hunt.
Some deer are slaughtered, they will provide the necessary for the village.
A few steps away, a scream is heard.
Falling Star decides to see the origin of the noise and the group discovers a wolf whose hind leg is trapped in a crevasse.
Unable to extricate itself, the animal screams in pain by hitting the snow.

Under the worried gaze of the group and despite all the advices, Falling Star approaches the wolf while putting a bracelet around his right wrist.
Without fear, he puts his hand on the neck of the animal which become calm.
In one swift movement, he désincarcére leg thereof, and rewarding the animal by caress, he rises and goes to the group by placing the bracelet in a pocket of his belt.

To everyone's surprise, the wolf remains in place, sitting in the snow.

The group returns to the village carrying the spoils of the hunt ... followed by the wolf keeping a small distance with bipeds.

A few months pass and the wolf remains outside the village, authorizing only Falling Star to approach him.

This day marks a turn in the life of Falling Star.
This morning, he was surprised to discover the wolf, asleep, at the entrance of his tipi.
The village changed the Stranger's name name with humor.

Falling Star is now Gray Wolf ...

Aynantang ayngahu frakrr !


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