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I'm monitoring Youtube and few random sites over internet. When I found something, I drop link to my mother forum (Polish only).

Today I have an idea to copy-paste newest links here.

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Newest on top:

And last one:
Group of avatars (random cosplay) appears at 1:36   ;)  and stay to 2:30

EDIT: fixed YT links

Sarah Noel:

--- Quote from: Ertew on June 07, 2016, 03:53:19 pm ---

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That's Tori Stenmark, but she's known as Jane McMillan around here, she wrote the pinned cosplay guide in this board.  ;D

Thank you for additional information.


And cosplay instructions from the same author. This time with focus on area around the eyes and interesting accessories:

Kaltxì ma Ertew

Huss...  Awesome cosplay & bodypaint  :o

opin alor ayngahu frakrr !

It's really awesome  :)


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