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Pam (P.A.'li makto):
Now we are a four member family! Having not only a daughter (1st pic), but a "son" (2nd), too!
(Immár 4-tagú család vagyunk! Nem csak egy lányunk (1. lép), hanem egy fiunk (2.) is van!)

Spoiler: picsold gallery link?id=2660[/img]old gallery link?id=3793[/img]
His first debut was in August, at the HoldfényCon...  
(Picinyünk az augusztusi Holdfényconon debütált...)

Sarah Noel:
So cute! Love it!

Pam (P.A.'li makto):

--- Quote from: Sarah Noel on September 11, 2011, 06:06:52 pm ---So cute! Love it!

--- End quote ---
Irayo, ma Sarah! :D
Have I ever told you how much I like your fangs? We unfortunately lack them, so it's a future task for us to get some pairs... How did you get yours? (If it's not a secret...  :))

Kalin nìtxan! :D

Pam (P.A.'li makto):

--- Quote from: Kamean on September 12, 2011, 10:42:54 am ---Kalin nìtxan! :D

--- End quote ---
Irayo ngaru nìteng!  :)


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