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Hello all, Kaltxi,

After i first saw Avatar, as soon as i got back home, i googled for Avatar jewelry, thought there'd be lots of them, like LOTR jewelry for example. But i saw there's a lack of na'vi inspired jewelry,so i went to an artist to make some for me. As i have an Avatar fan site in Turkish, i thought that why not share it, if I want to wear them probably the other fans would look for and won't find them.

I presented my project about designing an Avatar inspired jewelry line and she accepted doing me a favor. I'm saying favor because she's running a very famous jewelry company in Turkey and she's quite busy with her other works.

I had good reactions about our line. For now, there's not so many items, but as i sad they're so busy. They can do changes on designs according to customers' requests, they're all handmade. I'll make them design more alternatives, especially like the ones we see in the movie. Tsu'tey's choker or Neytiri's mating necklace etc...

I shipped to New Zealand, to USA. I can ship worldwide.

If you're interested in Na'vi jewelry, you can have a look at my site:

Kaltxì Palulukan!:
This is really good. I admire your spirit and tenacity in creating not only a fan site but also jewelry pieces. I like them very much so far. Please continue to let us know when you make more; and include pictures as wel.


Kaltxì Palulukan!:
That could be just the kind of thinking this place needs for a renaissance of intelligent and creative discussion. Please seriously consider doing that at your earliest convenience. I have my hands a bit full to take a stab at any jewelry making at the moment, but as I have hand-crafted a sterling silver "exact" replica (I have never seen its equal) of the ankh/knife from The Hunger, including a "flick off sheath", and a veteran of Ren Faire, RHPS for a number of years, and being raised in theater, Na'vi jewelry would most likely probably be one of my next projects.

I strongly support any and all creative endeavors, but costuming is my main love.

I will be watching for this!  I do a lot of craft work and have made a couple Na'vi style chokers, and I would make more, but I don't have a lot of free time.  (I have been experimenting slowly, though, and daydreaming of designs and ideas while at work.)

I really like the feathered necklace and the third one, with the wood-colored beads and intricate knotting.  So much food for thought!

If I make anything spectacular, I'll post pictures somewhere.  Right now I'm experimenting with fingerloop braiding to see if I can work it into a Na'vi inspired piece:

Kaltxì Palulukan!:
That was a great example on how to weave. It was so simple anyone could get it, and it had examples. That really helps around here. Thanks from me as well. Cookie!


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