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I am new to this site but I have noticed there are a lot of people looking for things to wear to events etc that are native in style. Appropriation is difficult to navigate through. All of the art I make on my site is authentic native american made by myself. What is neat about this opportunity is that I have the ability to make you a custom piece that i will make sure doesn't have any symbols that may be found offensive etc. I can make you clothing that is different that our native regalia so it is not appropriation. I make a lot of leggings loincloths etc. However, it's really imporatant that they are made differently than what we native people actually wear. I hope that makes sense. The Na'vi are a beautiful people with their own symbols and style.
Let's find a way to work together to make your outfit amazing and culturally sensitive.
I sell
beadwork, clothing, wampum straps, moccasins the list goes on.  Lots of photos on my site.
authentic animal claws and headdress (all ethically sourced not for just fur/claws but these sales are always subject to your local laws when inquiring about sales)
You can contact me on here and I'm happy to draw something up for you custom,
Contact me at [email protected]
or through my site


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