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NOTICE: Dealer's Alley Info (Please Read!)


Robert Nantangä Tirea:
Welcome to the Dealer's Alley! Do you make Avatar costumes, props, or accessories? Are you looking for materials for your next cosplay? Then this forum is the place to check!

Rules for Dealers:
No sales can be made directly through the or sites.
No orders or solicitations are permitted with the messaging system on the forum.
If you have a Avatar or Na'vi related item for sale, you may open ONE (1) thread to advertise it.
All product advertisements must link to an off-site store or public trade portal such as eBay.
You are limited to ONE (1) thread. Multiple advertisement threads per account are NOT permitted.
If more than one thread advertising here are found to link to the same off-site dealer, both threads will be deleted.
Failure to follows these rules will result in thread deletion and/or account suspension.

Rules for Buyers:
No dealers are "endorsed" by or
All transactions must be started and completed off-site.
All online transactions carry the normal "Buyer Beware" policies. Be careful, wise, and take the appropriate cautions when buying online.
Please report to a moderator or admin if you are solicited. I can be contacted here.
If you make a purchase from a dealer here, PLEASE post a reply in their thread with your feedback on the transaction and the product. This helps them and potential buyers. and cannot be held responsible for any off-site transactions.

If you would like me to change the title of your dealer thread, just send me a pm!

Post, browse, and good luck finding what you're looking for! - Robert Nantangä Tirea (Cosplay/Costume Moderator)


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