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Selling Wig and Extension.


Txura Rolyu:
Okay so I have a wig that is about shoulder length of black hair. It is not made of real hair. I am not sure how to sell one of these but I know I will need to because I cant keep it around forever. I got this brand new out of the bag on 9/15/10 and have not damaged it at all.

I also have an extension of hair that is the same black color and when it is braided and attached to the wig it reaches down to the middle of my back below the shoulder blades. This part is detachable and is also not real hair. I got this the same day as the wig, 9/15/10. It was new and has not been damaged.

I spent 90$ on the wig and paid cash so I cant return it to the store. I am hoping to get at least 70$ for what I have. So the wig will be sold for 50$ and the extension for a solid 20$. I will be using this wig Halloween so I can send it out as soon as Halloween is over. IF you would like to have the whole thing before Halloween I can have it sent to you. If you would like to purchase the pair, meaning the wig and the extension, I will let it go for 60$ (70$ if before Halloween).

I thank you for looking through this and I hope that we can make a deal.


Hufwe ta'em:
I buy my wig of jake sully @ 19$

Txura Rolyu:
I am no longer selling the wig and I am keeping the extensions I bought. If there is a moderator nearby please lock this thread.


Topic locked.

But as the original poster it is possible to lock your own threads, the button should be in the left hand corner below the last post. ;)


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