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Favorite part of Pandora: The World of Avatar.


This is to discuss what the favorite part of the park is for anyone whom has gone :)( Im not sure how much detail I should give to not allow it to be spoiled for anyone whom has not gone yet) but i will say for me it was the FOP I have always loved the Ikran flying scenes from Avatar and the feeling that i got on the FOP was that I really finally had the chance to fly with the people on Pandora and it was just incredible, if I had to be nit picky there was some fluttering effects, but I'm sure that can be delt with in the future and it wasn't enough to bother me, when you focus foreward and get into the ride, it feels so real, and I want to ride it again and again and again, hrh :D

FOP was AMAZING!!! I loved everything about it!! Everything about Pandora is perfect - Disney did such a wonderful job.  :)


--- Quote from: Lynxcat on November 29, 2017, 11:21:20 am ---FOP was AMAZING!!!

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Ah, this I really would like see - I saw any videos with it and FOP looks really amazing :) :)
But Florida is just "a bit" far from me ...  :(

Same here, as I never visited Pandora. But my choice was the drum set (responsive) and sidewalks (glowing in dark).
All based on photos and videos. Maybe I'll change my mind after visit, touch and feel every attraction.

I just loved their attention to detail on everything, and the backstory that they created for it.  At Pongu Pongu, they have dog tags hanging from the ceiling, and the people whose names are on them are all of the Imagineers that helped build Pandora.  The Amp suit they have was also the last created from the molds used for the movie.  So much detail in everything, it was pretty amazing.


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