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Announcement: We need your help (PAE stories)


Ma frapo,

as we hinted at in Episode 3, we are planning an episode devoted to a phenomenon called PAE (Post Avatar Effect) or PAD (Post Avatar Depression).

If you’ve never heard about this before, you can read up on a few stories via the following links:

* Urban Dictionary Definition
* CNN article
* Daily Mail article
* Psychology Today article
If it means something to you and you have a story to tell about this phenomenon we ask you to please share your story with us, so that we can draw from a wide range of our community.

If you want to share you can answer in this thread or direct us to a place where you’ve talked about it before.

If you want to remain anonymous but still want to share your story, tell us at eanamokri (at) gmail (dot) com — we will respect your wishes and experiences and hope to do justice to what many felt/feel after seeing Avatar.


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