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Good episode again! Good work!

Eana Unil:
Ma frapo,

Episode 5 is out! It's about Language Learning Methods and adjacent discussion; what worked/s for us, what could word for others, the 4 pillars of language learning etc. - and of course the obligatory discussion nìNa'vi can be found at the end, this time we talked about nume.

Episode 5 on Podomatic

Episode 5 on YouTube:

Eana Mokri on Spotify (btw, we'll hopefully soon will be found on iTunes as well!)

Hope y'all will find it interesting and/or helpful! :)

P.S.: We're still looking for your stories revolving around "Post Avatar Depression / Effect". If you want to share your story / experience with us to be mentioned in a future episode about this topic, please send it our way via [email protected] - you can also add a note whether or not you want to be mentioned by name or rather stay anonymous. Irayo nìli! :D

Txantsan ma Eana Unil! :D

Great, good episode :)

We totally overlooked Episode 6 … but it’s out for 2 weeks already.

Now on to Episode 7 ;D Enjoy it on …




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