Australian government decides to trash Great Barrier Reef...

Started by Raiden, February 05, 2014, 03:54:42 PM

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The kicker is that it's being done in order to make way for coal transport ships.

And, according to some quick cross-referencing, this is how it happened. Apparently, Australia's ruling government party right now is one that is more or less opposed to environmental protection in favor of big businesses. The EDO is a chain of offices throughout Australia that work to defend the unique and fragile ecosystems of Australia in the interests of all who utilize them (animals, plants, and humans).

The federal government, steered by the new ruling party, cut their funding by 10 million dollars, and it's all too convenient that they managed to get this done just in time to approve this dredging abomination...

Finally, this link will take you to an Australian fundraising group that is trying to raise money to challenge this in court; they aim to raise money to give to the EDO of Queensland to replace the money that the government took away.

I'm donating money to it after I finish this post. Some of you may have seen my thread about sustaining the environmental message of Avatar through our real-world actions...well, this is one way to do it. Unfortunately, this world is run by money, and often times it's the only way to win these kinds of battles. I suggest that if you feel saddened or angered by reading this, you should consider donating some money to the cause if you are able. It looks fairly legitimate, and the money is going to a group well-known for passionate efforts to defend the ecology of Australia.
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Irayo, Raiden, for alerting us to this terrible news! The Great Barrier Reef must be protected! It's bad enough large parts of the reef are already dying.  :(
I gave a donation to the Reef Fighting Fund. Hopefully they'll get LOTS of donations!
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