Environmental Conservation Board Guidelines - Please read before posting!

Started by Toruk Makto, February 09, 2010, 06:20:43 PM

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Toruk Makto

 Welcome to the Environmental Conservation forum!

Destruction of the natural environment is one of the messages in AVATAR. This board is here for discussions and topics on how we can help save and improve our planet. These can include "green" energy technologies, environmental activism, self sufficiency, sustainable food and agriculture resources and technologies, earth-friendly building ideas and architecture, environmental current events or just about anything that will help reverse the trends of destruction of the natural resources of our own Great Mother.

Some things we don't want are rants or bashing on how corporations, governments or particular cultures are abusing the planet, so please do not go there. We want to keep things positive and productive here.

If you think there is a need for new sub-forums (either for non-english language support or for specific topics that become very busy), message me and I will request to get them added.

Irayo to member Rain for the idea of this forum. This is the place to voice your ideas on how to make our home planet healthier and sustainable in the future.


- Markì (Txepsiyu)

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