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Started by Plumps, September 25, 2014, 03:25:55 PM

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Don't know if this is the right place for this but have you seen this?


It's available in many other languages, you can search for it.

I mean ... wow, I'm speechless. How can there be so much beauty in the world and the obvious realization that everything is linked, yet so much blindness and destruction? The positive developments that are mentioned at the end are only too few... And to think that this documentary was released the same year as Avatar... I love the music!

What do you think?


I saw it and I still have that movie on my hard drive. :) It's a great movie!
Yes, the move was released on 5th june 2009 (a few months before Avatar). The music is indeed great!

I only have some thoughts about that "everything is linked". If that would be, we human would not be so destructive, but we are - 99.99% of all civilizated people on this planet are involved (directly or indirectly), unfortunately. The movie have some ideas from the Gaia-hypothesis, that means that every system has a balance to keep itself alife. A simple example would be the predator and the prey. If there are too many predators, the amount of the prey becomes lower and lower and finally the predators will have difficulties to find enough prey to survive. So, many of the predators will die. Then, there are a low number of predators and the prey can increase their amount because a few of predators hunts them only. And here we go, more prey, more predators will appear and cycle starts from the beginning. One can use that pattern for almost everything on earth, also on humans (and on Pandora as well).

But the movie shows also that everything on earth lives in a symbiosis. Most plants cannot live without some special bacteria that make them possible to use nitrogen from the air. We have a lots of difficulties to live completely self-sufficient. There was once an experiment with the "Biospere II", it's failed... (humans aren't able to rebuild/copy a complete ecosystem, it's way to complicated)

The point of the movie is that we humans are still manipulating the balence and the symbiosis of life by buring oil and coal, destroying forests, plant monocultures and "playing god" by DNA-manipulation of plants and animals to get "turbo corn" and "super chicken/pork/cow...), and doing many other bad things, mostly for profits and ideologies. This movie still trying to open our eyes before it's too late...

So, to make a little connection to the Na'vi's world, Cameron has created a world that is the "top" of all symbiosis and balance that can control actively it's environment by that global biological network. We haven't that awesome feature and I do think if we would have such a world, we would not simply destroy something.

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It's time for human to be classified in the destructive species along with some other ones.
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