New Mexico WIPP Plant to be shut down AT LEAST 18 months

Started by Niri Te, May 10, 2014, 12:09:58 AM

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Niri Te

 Remember back a ways, when I mentioned about the recurring LEAKS at the New Mexico WIPP Complex east of Carlsbad, and people Poo-poo'd what I had to say? Well apparently it was serious enough for the DOE to SHUT THEM DOWN for quite a while.

GOOD ! It serves them RIGHT for all their SCREW UPS, and THEN trying to HIDE THEM.
DOE: Could be 3 years to fully reopen WIPP nuke dump in New Mexico
The head of the recovery effort at the federal government's nuclear waste repository in southern New Mexico said Thursday it could be up to three years before full operations resume at the underground facility.      Recovery manager Jim Blankenhorn made the announcement when answering questions from...
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Fission should really only be used until Fusion is reliable. It's better than fossil fuels, but only barely, and it's pretty obvious that it's really hard to convince the people in charge to give a damn, because that costs them their precious, precious money.

Actually, if Obama and the other higher-ups knew what they were doing, they would have started throwing money at fusion already.
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Niri Te

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