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Trouble keeps me running faster

Save the planet from disaster...


Oh man, this is just wrong! :( >:( >:(

F***** money rules the world... >:(

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Robot-speak aside, I'd like to ask the people who say that violence is not okay what they would think if people in the future (when the Amazon is gone) asked them why they didn't fight for it.

When corruption is the norm and political systems fall apart, what else is there? Letting all those plants and animals die is not an option.
Trouble keeps me running faster

Save the planet from disaster...

`Eylan Ayfalulukanä

I think this is a case of 'do it and ask forgiveness later'. Having to airlift all their equipment is dreadfully expensive (not to mention creating more pollution than ground-based transportation). This is what happens when 1.) there is a lucrative market for a product and 2.) Enviro-nuts set an unrealistically high standard for obtaining that product. (I know from firsthand experience how expensive airlifting is, because a transmitter site I am responsible for (and a 'green' one, besides) had to be built by airlifting everything in. We are still paying for all that airlifting 20 years later.)

It is likely here that these roads were known about, but local authorities were bribed to not say anything. Bribery is considered an evil here in the US. But in much of the second and third world, bribery is normal, and in many cases, the only way anything gets done.

Roads, or at least paths will be needed for pipelines out of that area once the wells start producing.

What should have happened is they should have been allowed to build roads no larger than what was needed to do the job. Oil exploration can be done with with minimal intrusiveness if you pay attention to what you are doing. This is a lot simpler if you don't have to airlift everything in. Once the drilling is done, there is not nearly as much need for the roads as there was during drilling. So, many of the roads can be eliminated. The colonization problem can be minimzed by simply controlling access to the roads.

In a lot of ways though, this is like Pandora and what the RDA did. If there wasn't 4 light years separating Pandora from Earth, I doubt the RDA could have gotten away with what they were doing.

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