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Production of Mad Max Damaged Ecology of Namibian Ecosystem

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Gonna go see Mad Max?

I'm not. I'd rather bury the entire production team neck deep in the sand and watch ants pick out their eyeballs.

The ecology of the Namibian desert is extremely fragile; coastal fogs roll in from the Atlantic and allow extremely rare endemic plants to grow, but due to the harsh conditions, it takes decades for a mature Namibian plant community to form, and a wide variety of endemic reptiles and drought-tolerant amphibians rely on the plants to attract food (insects) and provide shelter.


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I starting have seriously concerns about our world  :(

Blue Elf:
It's terrible. Who allowed to film inside national park should be punished hard. Any "standard" dessert would be as good too, I'm sure. Money does not repair it.

Irayo, Raiden, for posting this news.

I'm not seeing the movie because I'm not interested in seeing any of the Mad Max films -- they're not my thing.  ::)


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