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It's for the first time when i open a new topic!
This topic i want...mean will be about Forests and everything wich keeps on Environment and Nature!
I love Nature, i love Trees!

Thousand's of volunteers from Romania and other coutryes planted 50.000 Trees in Romania, in Constanța (Constantsa - for pronouncing), at the entrance in Peștera (Peshtera - for pronouncing) Commune! There were almost 700 volunteers!
Many US Military, students and other people who loves Nature! They planted 50.000 Trees in some hours!

  My Message:
I agree with the people who loves and take cares of Nature! I will plant Trees too! So, let's plant Trees and save our Great Mother from dangers! Let's make our world to be beautiful and to be safe!
Now i noticed that the Weather is like crazy, Thousand's of Forests cutted illegally wich make me to feel angry! If you can belive, in Romania is a Forest called "Hoia Baciu", this is a special and awesome Forest...but some people cutted illegally some Trees from "Hoia Baciu" Forest!

I hope i didn't did something wrong! Hope you like it and comment!

I also think when i will be more prepared i will go to the Environmental Guard to protect Trees and to do everything what i can do!
Here all of you can talk about Trees and Nature and what you think we must do for Our Great Mother!

Good idea.

Sadly, here trees still rather "disappear"...


--- Quote from: Toliman on March 26, 2019, 03:29:31 am ---Good idea.

Sadly, here trees still rather "disappear"...

--- End quote ---
Irayo nìtxan!

Oh...! :(
I know! And here in Romania, Trees started to "disappear" but when i saw the volunteers i said: "There is hope for Trees!"
It would be great to your home and other countries where the Trees are cutted to be saved and It would be great if there could be more volunteers to plant Trees!

I saw how looks Hell's Gate on Earth and on Pandora,...bad and very sad only!
I don't like when i see that a man cutt a Tree wich is healthy! I saw people...mean thieves wich was steal wood from a Forest!
       Replace the man to cutt a Tree that died, they cutt a healthy Tree! Is this ok? This people who are doing that thing are thieves!

Ma eylan sì frapo, feel free to comment here! ;)


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