Started by Niri Te, March 02, 2014, 02:57:50 PM

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Niri Te

 Fifteen minutes ago, Ateyo and I decided to go to the cafe in Cornudas, (Population seven), ten miles to the west, and have Coffee and a cookie or two. We fired up the truck, and off we went. When we got there the door was locked. One of May's daughters came to the door, and told us that the power in that area was out, the wind must have blown down a wire. We didn't know because we are NOT hooked to the grid, and we have all the power that we need with our FREE, ALWAYS ON SOLAR POWER. So we are back home making our own hot coffee, and on our computers, our house being powered by the SUN. The really funny thing is, that once or twice a year, someone in the Farming Hamlet of Dell City will show genuine sympathy for us when we are in Dell City, (26 miles to the north-east, Pop. 214), and tell us how SORRY that they are for us, that we are NOT hooked to the grid yet. I then have to remind them that the power in the area goes out 6 to 8 times a year, that I would have had to pay ONE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS for the "privilege" of making monthly power bills, to just get the wires run 350 feet to our house, and we were up and running for less than half of that with our Solar system. Some people can REALLY be STUPID.
Tokx alu tawtute, Tirea Le Na'vi

Taronyu Leleioae

I'm curious as to what you put in for a system overall.  (in kw and your storage batteries).

Some states let you be off the grid.  Some (Maine) in the mountain regions, actually managed to pass laws saying the power company wasn't obligated to buy back power from you (solar or wind).  In Florida, there was just a failed lawsuit where someone went to court for the right to be off the grid.  And the govt ruled in favor of the power company (forcing the monthly charge to be paid).

I know you have great freedom in west Texas regarding general lack of building codes (or enforcement).  You don't or probably got away with not having to pay inspectors nor paid licensed individuals for skills that someone with your background can easily handle (general wiring).  But then it comes down to your power system.

I'm kinda presuming you have a dual power source.  Solar and gas (petrol) generator.  With a storage battery array.  Curious as to what you put in on the solar side for capacity.  (Solar panels, battery array, gas generator...)  Granted what you have in Texas with over 90% (or more?) sun, is a big difference compared to being up in New England (northeast US) where it's more like 30-40% effective number of days.  Thus we use more power as it's darker for longer too.  (Provided one doesn't adapt a natural, biological lifestyle to rise with the sun and go to bed when it becomes dark.)  Not to mention, your panels probably aren't on the roof whereas here I wouldn't have the space otherwise.

Just wondering, from an engineering point of view...