"The Forest For The Trees" a TRUE documentary on Judi Bari VS. the FBI

Started by Niri Te, January 17, 2014, 01:58:22 PM

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Niri Te

I just saw for the first time the documentary titled "The Forest For The Trees"  as my first movie on a free trial subscription on Netflix. It is the story of Judi Bari and her Life, her Life's Work, the Bombing, the Charterer Assassination at the hands of the FBI, and the Oakland Police Department, Her Death from Breast Cancer five years before the Federal Court Case on her First and Fourth Amendment Rights being TRAMPLED, and the DECISION in that case. By extension, Earth First was also smeared, and on Trial in that case. I'm not sure if you can get any where else but on Netflix, Someone here might want to look and see.
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Ateyo Te Syaksyuk

I just watched a documentary movie called the Forest For the Trees. It asks the fundamental question of, Who Killed Judi Barry? Judi Bari was an activist of Earth First, who opposed clear cutting the old growth forest in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. I feel it is an important document for all to see. It runs 57 minutes long and tells of the struggle that people have when opposing major corporations. It is documented by the daughter of the Civil Rights Lawyer, named Cumminghan who defended Judi Bari. Judi was labeled as a terrorist and was blamed by the FBI for her own death by car bombing. The film even documents the disheartening effect of struggling so long for justice. I love Avatar because of the Ecological message it sends. I love Forest for the Trees, because it brings this same message, in practical terms, to our own planet. I highly recommend it.