Why vegans should eat honey! Specifically honey!

Started by Ewa'tuì, February 23, 2020, 08:45:39 AM

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So, there has been this controversy about vegans eating honey and how it's killing honeybees.

The conversation basically went as follows... Honey is an animal product. It kills bees, so we shouldn't buy honey or eat honey. Our honey bees are dying and might go extinct.

Well... Let me drop my opinion on this.  :-\
Honey is an animal product, yes. And our honey bees are dying, yes. But... If no one bought honey, why would anyone want to keep bees? Wouldn't it be a waste of money if you weren't able to sell your honey to anyone, if you're a farmer who keeps honey bees?

My point is... If there were no people buying honey, there would be no push to save the bees. They would be just another useless insect that would go extinct without a second thought... Supporting beekeepers and honey is what we SHOULD be doing! As someone who was pescetarian, having an exception to being vegan or vegetarian, is 100% okay.
Most of the reason why people go vegan is because of animal rights, animals being abused and killed, our water supply being drained into livestock, religious reasons, or maybe they just are going on a diet to try and lose weight. I personally think that just adding honey wouldn't hurt... And it would actually help a lot.

We should support our beekeepers, not make them bankrupt! That would be the opposite of what we are trying to do, we want to continue to have honeybees around to pollinate. We want people to keep bees. Moral of the story... Sometimes your best intentions aren't always the best intentions.

;D Rant over. ;D

Random fun fact: A PP&J sandwich is actually usually vegan! Most jellies and jams sold now in stores don't include gelatin, which is an animal product. Always check your labels just in case!


Well the marmalade we have contains pectin which is a plant product.
Actually we should encourage wild polinators by the way the honey bees are doing alright.

Also if you want to go healthier eating things like oysters from clear river that's been sustainably managed or wild harvested[in a renewable way] is better than killing fish and supporting the fishing industry, [for various reasons including bycatch, also how it affects dolphins and and for developed nations it negatively affects people of more developing countries regardless of ones position on fishing]