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Yes or no to oil production in Lofoten,Norway?

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Good news for now!

Rotobull cz:
That's great! :D
At least for few years.

Tsanten Eywa 'eveng:
Been a while since i have posted here because haven't had more news until now. This just happened 1-2 months ago.

Here are the news. The gouvernment of Norway have now came to a decision. They have now decided to impact assesment Lofoten and Vesterålen for oil-drilling. This has been one of our big topics this year here in the county i live in, which includes Lofoten. It is municipal- and county election to choose a political party in our county and municipality. Impact assesment might actually be good because it will be extra safety and caution. If something happens out there during oil-drilling, rescue team will be sent here from my homecity because it will be placed a rescue emergency base here.

Tsanten Eywa 'eveng:
We have had municipal political election here in my city. It will now be a changed rule of our city. Labour Party is taking the position as mayor. Different parties now in the city council. The Conservative Party is now out of the city council.

We have also a newbie political party called Green Party, a political environment party. They are most likely against oil drilling and this is the first time they have joined the city council and they are very new in the Parliament of Norway. They had only 0.5% of votes between 1991 and 2009 and from this year they have got 4.2% and have gone up highest than any political party in Norway with an increase from last election up 3.4%, where other parties:

Centre Party: +1.8%
Labour Party: +1.3%
Red Party: +0.5%
Socialist Left Party: +0.2%

Other have gone down.
Christian Democratic Party: -0.1%
Left Party: -0.7%
Progress Party: -1.7%
Conservative Party: -4.7%

Conservative Party have current prime minister of Norway and Progress Party has current finance minister of Norway.

From my city the election looks like this, of how much they have gained and lost votes from last election:

Conservative Party: 33.8%(+10 6%)
Red Party: 10.4%(+4%)
Green Party: 2.9%(+2.1%)
Centre Party: 3.3%(+0.4%)

Left Party: 3.2%(-0.1%)
Socialist Left Party: 3.8%(-0.2%)
Christian Democratic Party: 2.6%(-0.6%)
Labour Party: 30.2%(-3.7%)
Progress Party: 9.5%(-12.7%)

So oil drilling in Lofoten will likely happen. Conservative Party is still the largest Party in our city but they couldn't get in the city council because other parties went over to the red-green side and not on the blue-blue side. It depends on who has m8st mandates. The side who has most mandates get in to the city council.


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