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Yes or no to oil production in Lofoten,Norway?

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--- Quote from: Tìtstewan on November 29, 2012, 12:56:36 pm ---
--- Quote from: Yaknun on November 29, 2012, 12:39:48 pm ---My vote is no  :P

I think the nature is much valuable and we have tooooooo much interest in this world for money profit  :'(

--- End quote ---
This is the same discussion about oil production in Antarctica...

So I choose no

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I think good decision -> NO  ;)

Niri Te:
 Very Sad, VERY Sad ONLY.


--- Quote from: Niri Te on November 29, 2012, 06:37:49 pm --- Very Sad, VERY Sad ONLY.

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eyawr ma tsmuke - you are talking to me from the heart  :-* :-* :-*

Taronyu Leleioae:
Oeyä tì'eyng lu "kehe".  Keftxo nìtxan nì'aw, nìngay.

Tsanten Eywa 'eveng:
They are not only gonna build one oil platform, but many many platforms. They are gonna start with one. If all goes well, more oil platforms are coming. I think that the gouvernment have defeated the protesters :(

But what will happen if there occur an oil leak? Then our entire fish market will collapse, and will be a really poor country. Norway is the biggest country in the world in exporting in the fish market. We will fall way down in that list, if that happens.
The gouvernment better check over again the consequenses of building many oil platforms, that can harm the future of the land, and the population.
If we losing our fish exporting, many people will move out of the country, or move longer south. There is living nearly 240,000 people in Nordland County, and in Troms County there is living nearly 160,000 people, and in Finnmark County is it living over 73,000 people. That is in total nearly half a million people in Northern Norway


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