European AvatarMeet 2019 in Munich

Started by Ikxeru, February 01, 2019, 02:50:22 PM

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Kaltxì ma frapo,  we are going to watch Toruk in Munich!!!
in summer there will be another major European AvatarMeet and we will have the opportunity to see the Toruk-Show by Cirque Du Soleil again.

Save the date:  Wednesday June 5th – Monday June 10th will be the "official" days of the meetup in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

We have selected the "Motel One" in Garching, in the north of Munich for the meetup. Unfortunately there will be an industry fair going on during the meetup, which made it next to impossible to do a group booking for a reasonable price in a more fancy location.

But the Motel One has advantages: It is 20 minutes by car or 30 minutes by the subway from the Olympiahalle, which is venue where Toruk will be played. There are plenty of restaurants and shops around in Graching. So this was the clever alternative for sure. Plus: The subway goes directly to the city centre of Munich – so, if you'd like to explore the sights, it couldn't be easier.

Both, the hotel, and the Olympiahalle are just 100m/300ft from the next subway station.

Why not add some more days before or after the meetup to enjoy the beautiful city? You can!

For programming the meetup, we are planning with the following Avatar-Goodies:
-   Visit the Show
-   Meet'n'greet with the cast and crew of Toruk
-   Backstage-Tour: This time: ON STAGE
-   Na'vi lesson for the cast and crew of Toruk together with us
-   COSPLAY to the max. It will be summer and couldn't be better and 1,000 photo opportunities. This is going to be insane. :)

In a couple of days, we will setup the registration page.

The cost of the meetup will be similar to Cologne. We will have a convention fee of 50-70 Euros, covering all the expenses like entrance fees, convention spaces, etc.

Plus the hotel: We have made a group booking for standard double rooms for around 450 Euros per room. You always can upgrade for another 70 Euros to a "superior room", which is larger and has an additional sofabed. If you like to cuddle, you are allowed to share this room with 3 persons.

We urge you to SAVE THE DATE and register as soon as possible when the registration page is online.

Please, bookmark this thread or head over to the AvatarMeet group on Facebook for more news.


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