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Flying to Denmark then Sweden 14-17th March, meetup anyone?

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As per title.

On the 14th im flying into Copenhagen, then taking the train upto Helsingborg sweden,

From there I am staying in helsingborg untill the 17th when we are going back to copenhagen and will be around copenhagen for a few hours before going to the airport to fly back.

If anyone wishes to meet up on any of the nights / days and just say a quick Kaltxi and a photo then im game!

Let me know


You have the worst timing ever! Any chance I can talk you into going a bit farther to the north? ...fine, be that way! :P

Unfortunately im unable to, apart from the nights I am going to be otherwise engaged :(

Thought so, but hey, worth a try ;)

Kaltxì! I can easily take the train to Helsingborg, would be awesome to meet! :D


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