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Great Britain summer meet up

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Who would in theory be interested in a meet up (probably in London) in summer from Great Britain (this would be open to others but you'd have to sort out travel arrangements)

kewnya txamew'itan:
As one of the only members to turn up at the original meetup, I would be glad to come.

I'd be interested; but, it would depend on how much it would cost for me to travel from SW Scotland  ::)

Interested yes, but I have to juggle work and other commitments. If I can, I'd like to come. Sitting on my own in a different Pizza hut has limited appeal.

(I just noticed I was at 99 posts, so I came here to make my 100th post, it seemed appropriate)

There are also budding plans for a european meet-up in the summer, you guys should check that out :). That said, I'd totally be interested in being an invading ketuwong at your meet up, if I have time and money for it.


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