Started by markus031098, January 15, 2010, 10:14:22 AM

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Anyone live in the ROI?
I'm getting a pet viperwolf for Christmas!

Nawm Eyktan

kaltxì! Im from Donegal in good old ireland! i see theres only about 3 of us but thats better than nothin! where bouts the rest of you from?


I'm from Galway and I saw on the Google maps meetup thing that there's someone in Shannon and in Belfast.
I'm getting a pet viperwolf for Christmas!

Nawm Eyktan

always good to hear theres a few more out there  ;D
ive convinced a friend of mine up here to start learnin too so hopefully bein able to talk one on one should help with learning.
have you been studying na'vi long?
Happy St. Patricks day!  ;D


I have been studying Na'vi for quite a long time now but I'm only 11 so I have school so I didn't get to learn much. :-[
I'm getting a pet viperwolf for Christmas!


I am from the ROI.. I am actually the one near Shannon  ;)

Nawm Eyktan

were all fairly spread out  :D you been learning for long?


I will stay in Galway for the following three months and return to Finland in April, but until then, here I am!
Siyevop nga nìzawnong ayukmì, vaykrr oengeyä mefya'o ultxaräpun fìtsap nìmun.

Oe zawng
nga zawng
nìwotx awnga zawng
fte oeti zeykivawng

Ngal yamom fì'ut srak?!