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I'm thinking about make small meet-up in Poland. Probably one day (traveling at night) or two days (accommodation any hotel). All including trip to local forest, seen Avatar again, probably cosplay and campfire.

I wish to organize meet-up in Kalisz (Poland, about 51.7N 18E) and rent local cinema, but Poland fandom is too small to finance it. So I ask here:
If someday I will organize meet-up and private projection Avatar, who will appear in Poland?

My question is dedicated (but not limited) to fans from: Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria.

Pros of private projection: We can make own version of Avatar. Join together collector's edition, unfinished parts existing in script and BRD, and probably use 3D projector - replace most 2D scenes with 3D from basic version.
Cons: license. I don't think about it yet, probably it's another cost to pay.

Eywa ngahu ma tsmuku.

P.S. Poland is inside EU.


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