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Hey guys!

Right. My essays are well done, I've got over my post-exam sickness, I've run out of things to do with my time, and I may be forced to leave the country relatively soon.

So, let's have a meet!

I was thinking Edinburgh, because I'm lazy, it's close to me, and there's a really cool island near by that we can all walk to and be locked in for the night. However, if you guys want to go further North, that would be cool too, but I figure this way people from Northern England can make it.

I was thinking Saturday-Sunday the 5th and 6th, that's next weekend. I'm going to start mass-PMing everyone in the scotland thread, I think. (That's allowed? Right? Ah, screw it. I say yes.)

Amyone have any comments? Suggestions? Whatever?

Anyone coming?


Fnua Atxkxe:
*jumps up and down* Well I'll have to see if there is anything I'm meant to be doing but if not I'll be there ^_^

C'tri Atan'itan:
Noooo... going to be in the far north of the country >.<
[teasing] make it the week after? [/teasing]

mutter... the ONE time i'm NOT in Edinburgh...

Well, we might be able to change it. But I got a garden party to go to the next weekend.  ::) And I was going to do the cape wrath trail the week after that, I think...

Sounds cool. :D I'll probably be in Edinburgh that weekend for the pre-Auchinawa meet, but maybe it's better to change it to a later date to give everyone a bit more notice?

Me and C'tri have an all nighter at the laser tag the weekend after that too. :P


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