An idea for a 2017 meeting...

Started by R One, May 14, 2015, 10:21:13 AM

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R One

Kaltxì ma eylan,

I know, 2017 is very far from now. But as an upcoming event will happen in august that could be of great interest to people grazing at stars, I mean a total eclipse, it would be great to synchronize both events : choose for the right city, forecast meetings with astronomers and researchers, and so on... that takes a long time to prepare. Of course, I already plan to attend !

Just my two cents  ;)

Eywa ngahu !

/R One

`Eylan Ayfalulukanä

I didn't see this thread soon enough!

I know that I will be viewing this eclipse at the Oregon Star Party in central Oregon, which starts the same day as the eclipse. According to things I have read, this location has one of the highest probabilities of clear skies on this date of any along the path of totality of the eclipse. The Oregon star Party is also one of the largest gatherings of serious amateur astronomers anywhere in the Western US.

But 2017 could be a very busy year for Avatar fans. A new movie is coming out. There is the new theme park at Disneyworld. And, thee is the new Cirque du Solei show. Even though the eclipse is a once-in-a-lifetime event for many people, it will be hard to balance against thee other major events.

Yawey ngahu!
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