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Started by Sarkath, April 21, 2010, 11:24:55 AM

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Sorry this is last minute but...

LearnNavi.org wants you to attend a midnight release of the movie Avatar.  Make sure you wear your LearnNavi.org Merch, take photos of you and other people in line, talking about LN.org, talking in Na'vi, goofing around.  This will be a Nationwide event and is meant to spread the word further about our great online community.

We will be looking towards all your photos and even some videos. Now let's get out there and make some noise.

Eywa ngahu,

- Justin

P.S. Please stay safe and don't get arrested.


Please post all photos, videos, etc. in this topic dealing with the Midnight release of Avatar.
Also, please try to keep talking to a minimum, unless accompanied by an attachment.


I fully endorse this!

Show off your awesome shirts, spread the word of LearnNavi, take pictures (and post them here), geek out, be awesome (and safe and don't get arrested :D)

Na'vi Kxanìa Taronyu

Sadly I don't have a shirt, but a Bumper Sticker should do just fine on my Jetta.  Note to self, get there early so I can back into the handicapped space.  (Got handicapped plates for my grandmother & father.  Grandma is getting dizzy whenever she stands and my dad had 5 back surgeries.)
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I've already preordered one (hopefully the special version  though best buy was ambiguous on the description by saying dubbed/ac3?) If i didn't get the right version, please tell me so I can see if I still have a chance for a special edition. Best buy also didn't have any midnight release parties out there. Where did you guys see that?
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Torture Killer

O.o  it'll be realased 28.4 in finland, cannot goofy 'round D:
hmm, cant think of anything to put in na'vi here :/

Txantslusam Skxawng

I already have it! But cant watch it until 5 May
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Meuia te Stxeli Tstew'itan

I'd love to do that but here in Canada, Avatar is not such a big deal... I wonder if I'll even get my pre-order on release day...
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Damn, not only is it not released here on Thursday, but I can't find my mic adaptor to go on teamspeak :/
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I called all the retail stores, only Best Buy is doing anything, and it is just stand in line, buy it, gtfo. Walmart* is just going to be walk in and walk out. Target isn't opening until 8 AM EST. B&N isn't doing anything.

Just FYI for those who are going out.


I'd go and attend, but I don't know anyone here in Houston.. and I can't afford to go get my copy either. *grumble*  I'm not selling enough of my books to actually go and buy mine.

Please.. post picks and stuff so those of us who can't go get their copy can enjoy the event when you do, K?

Have fun.
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Atanä mungeyu

as txantslusam skxawng already told, he has it, me too xD it came here today in the morning, the 21st of april xD and i got it immediately, and i can watch it right now xD txantslusam skxawng has to wait 5 may, because he then gets it for his birthday xD
i'ma watch it 'till i drop dead xDis it out yet in america etc? if not: PWNT :3 i've got it xD
I haz teh DVD yaaaayy xD

nederlandse pocket guide door mij en txura tirea.


I could walk into a Walmart* store and ask for it and they would probably give it to me. But I am at least one person going to a Midnight release at a Best Buy

The only question is, Eywa ngahu or Kaltxì?


I've got it pre-ordered, but I don't trust UPS to actually deliver it tomorrow. I'm going to be at Best Buy at midnight to pick up a copy, and yes- I will be proudly wearing one of my LN T-shirts (haven't decided which one yet). Several Best Buys and Wal-Marts are doing midnight release "events" in the Denver, CO area.

omängum fra'uti

Ftxey lu nga tokx ftxey lu nga tirea? Lu oe tìkeftxo.
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My LearnNavi shirts, etc. haven't arrived yet, but I was able to score an Avatar T-shirt at (of all places!) the NAB show last week. (They even had the ASG for sale, a book which has nothing in common with the dozens of books they did have on the TV and film business.) I will be wearing that tonight at BestBuy. I am also going to work up a 1 page intro to Na`vi with a brief section on pronunciation, a collection of basic phrases that people could try waiting in line, and info on how to find out more (here). I am looking forward to it!

I preordered the Blu-Ray DVD (not here as of noon, even though Amazon's west coast distribution center is a 30 minute drive from here), but I will buy the standard DVD this evening.

I might take my film camera for pictures, so it will be a while before I will have pictures. My cell phone camera won't cut it in low light, and my good digital camera is hopelessly broken  :'(

Yawey ngahu!
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That list is just another example of why I hate Best Buy. I have called the 4 stores around me and NONE of them are listed on that list. I am from SW Pennsylvania and the only one on that list is Century III, but I know better. Call your local Best Buy if you do not see it on that list!


I'd attend one but I can't seem to find one in Bangor, ME. Not cool.


Hmmm... closest one is almost an hour away, but I have school tomorrow... should I go anyway? Tomorrow is Job Shadow Day, so we won't be doing much anyway...
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Nearest one to me is almost 2 hours away makes me really sad :( and i have a test tomorrow... guess i might just sleep in my car and come back later :P
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