Czech Meetup in Prag 28.8-29.8 (Report)

Started by Hahaw[hhvhhvcz], September 10, 2015, 03:27:33 PM

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Some of you may know that we have small meeting in Prag at the end of August. So here is the report about what we do and also some photos which i take. *

There were Tanri, Rotobull, Toliman and me .We talked about Na'vi, we tried speak Na'vi but it isn't any big meetup. :P


The main meeting was at first day. We chose the Teahous for our meet as place calm place.There didn't happend something interesting. We were just talking... talking about a lot of things, kinds of informations and also about our selfs. We drank a very good tea but for me was a bit bitter.(There is problem that i dont know much about tea :-[ so if you want to know more about it , ask Rotobull :) ) We ended our meeting about 22:00 because Teahause closing.

At second day, We met before "National Monument in Vitkov" unfortunately without Rotobull. We have stayed for 2 hours in Café and after that went to lookout. There was a very nice view of Prag. We also visited the exhibition of our country. (It was about important dates and events in History of Czech for example 1938, 1948, 1968 and 1989)
We ended our meetup about 16:00 and go home.*

My photos are there.

I am very pleased that we met because it was first time when i mert with someone who is after the monitor.
Also there should have been someone who could take photo of their suprised faces. :P

If you have any questions , you can ask below. *

ta Hahaw    'Ivong Na'vi      :ikran: 8)

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Rotobull cz

First, thanks for doing this, Hahaw. I really appreaciate, you wrote that and you spend so much time doing it.

I had the best feelings about our meetup, no stress, fun, conspiracy theories...
I would love to have another meeting with my great czech brothers and I'm sure we'll have more. :)

Unfortunately, I really wasn't at the second meetup, which I'm still quite sad and agry about.

The tea was good, but I didn't want to act like you don't know anything about tea. I wanted to give advice(s), so your tea would taste really good, but...  :-\ If you are interested, I can help you with preparing tea. It's not that simple, but it's not hard, I think. :-\

Simply put, I just had the best feelings (I was just a little sad, because you didn't find the tea tasting good and I know why...) about our meeting. I'm looking forward for another. :D
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Yes, it was very nice small meetup on very pleasant place with oeyä smuk  :D

Quote... no stress, fun, conspiracy theories
;D it was really nice

QuoteUnfortunately, I really wasn't at the second meetup, which I'm still quite sad and agry about.
It was really pity, ma Rotobull  :(

I also hope to next nice meetup with my brothers  :)