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The Great Convergence of the Clans 2013: Las Vegas?

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`Eylan Ayfalulukanä:
Las Vegas is only not 'green' because of its location. Electrical power there is mainly from a natural source (Hoover Dam, which is just outside Las Vegas). They have one of the best working water conservation plans in the country. And the massive, just-completed City Center complex is completely LEED certified. Also, neon is actually a fairly efficient light source  8)

Despite its reputation, there are plenty of family-oriented things to do in Las Vegas. I'll second the Red Rocks area as a beautiful place to visit. I also like Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden in the Mirage hotel as a peaceful place to go. It has dolphins (and is a true research facility, not just an attraction) and big cats  :) It is also relatively quiet there.

Meeting in Las Vegas does not mean we need to meet in a big strip hotel. There are plenty of off-strip places that might be better choices. Many are non-smoking and/or non-gaming.

Zephaniah, if you decide to come through Reno on the way, you have a place to visit/stay!

Human No More:
Sounds a bit expensive for me... :'(
Even if it has got cheaper... Some of us don't have jobs, even before we have to pay for the flights there, and I really don't know if I'd be able to afford that one...

Also, personally I'd rather go somewhere a bit more 'Pandora-like' in terms of nature, as mentioned before.

Txura Rolyu:
I agree with the more "green" surrounding. In Seattle we have the exhibit to give us the touch of AVTR that we need to make it something everyone can do, but in Vegas I am thinking that there really isnt anything specifically AVTR related other than all of us meeting together.  :-\

Personally I would like to just follow the exhibit. It could go to some pretty awesome places I am sure. If it goes out of the country I would so go.  :D I love traveling abroad.

Human No More:
I want it to come to England. If it does, we can have a meetup here, I can help arrange that :)

Maria TunVrrtep:
You all need to remember that those planning the meetups are trying to plan them for everyone.  We can not and will not plan specifically for one or two people who want something.  The needs of the many and all that. 
We try to accommodate as many people as possible.  However it must be remembered that the places where people want to go are expensive.  We aren't talking about a meetup in East Jebib.  We are talking about large cities.  These are expensive places. 


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