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The Great Convergence of the Clans 2013: Las Vegas?

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Niri Te:
  I vote with Hii Tute, Either one of those two places would be great from a distance point of view for Ateyo and I (we could damn sure make it),  and if it were in Phoenix, I know my way around really well, I lived in Peoria, and Tonopah Arizona for years before moving to west Texas. It would be a shorter trip for anyone living from Texas, to any where in the  East.
Niri Te


--- Quote from: hìi tuté on April 07, 2012, 11:06:13 pm ---
--- Quote from: Ateyo Te Syaksyuk on February 11, 2012, 06:37:03 pm ---There is a tribe of Native American people who live in the bottom of the canyon.
It is the closest thing to Pandora in the desert. I have never been there and I am not certain how to get permission to visit and camp. Does anyone know of where I am speaking?

--- End quote ---

I think I know of where you mean in the abstract. I believe you mean the Navajo Tribe. My dad served his Mission (read: Mormon Missionary) in the 4-corners area and part of his mission included the Navajo Reservation at the bottom of the grand canyon. However I'm not sure how permissions would be acquired to actually set up camp at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Also I know from my Dad's stories that the *only* way down is to hike and it is *not* an easy hike. The type of clothes my Dad and his companions were allowed to wear on his Mission attest to the type of terrain involved in hiking to the bottom. Normally LDS Missionaries have very strict dress code (men wear slacks, white shirt, tie and suit jacket, black dress shoes). However because of the type of hiking and terrain they would cross, they were allowed to wear a short sleeve white shirt, jeans and military boots when they went to the bottom of the canyon.

As for the Avatar Meetup 2013, I'm all for it being held in either Vegas or Arizona (Phoenix Metro area preferably ;) since Phoenix is close to home for me lol)

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Fellow LDS member, nice!

Anyways, Vegas... Phoenix, Maybe even somewhere in Utah, I'm all good for that. 6-10 hour drives are nothing for me.


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