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The Great Convergence of the Clans 2013: Las Vegas?

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DJ Makto:
The idea popped up in the Seattle Meetup general discussion thread and seemed to have enough interest. So I am starting a new thread around the idea of having a multi-clan meetup in Las Vegas 2013.

Why Las Vegas you ask? Here are a few great reasons:

* Las Vegas is a relatively centralized location for our US Clan members
* Since Las Vegas is a major tourist destination domestic and possibly internation airfare is often considerably cheaper than other cities
* Las Vegas has been hit very hard by the hard economic times, and hotels are willing to bend over backwards and offer great deals nice rooms and meeting space to groups of individuals.
* Las Vegas has lots of convention/meeting room capacity for groups of all sizes--this means cheaper meeting space for us
* There are lots of activities and things to do beyond gambling and other "adult" activities
* There are several beautiful national conservation areas and monuments a short drive away--most notably Red Rock Area and Valley of Fire. (Group hike anyone?)
These are just a few reasons to have a meetup in Las Vegas in the distant future.

So lets start the conversation. :)

Sounds fun! I'd probably await the turnout of the Seattle Meet-up in 2012 before planning the next one.

Las Vegas is definitely a fun tourist destination, but I'm not entirely sure whether it's the ideal location for something Avatar-centric. Las Vegas does, after all, represent the epitome of capitalism at its finest, and human nature at its ... well, rawest.

Good ideas, but I think it is a little early to start thinking about it... :)

I can not think of a place less "Avatar" than Las Vegas.

Well, I'm sure the RDA would love it. But, well; "there's no green there".

Loving the discussion of future ideas though.

 - Mikko

Maria TunVrrtep:
Although I agree that there is no place less Pandora-like, except perhaps the Sahara (and if we ever want to plan a meetup there - I'm in!!!!) I LOVE Vegas!!!!  I'm there.  And I'll probably be working and have vacation by then!
* Maria TunVrrtep


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