Classic Nikt'chey Recipe (Food Wrap Avatar Inspired)

Started by Mimi, March 26, 2017, 09:56:25 AM

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Kaltxì ma Tsmukan ulte Tsmuke!

Since also to cook, is an ART, I decided to post here the recipes of my ideas inspired on Avatar movie.

Today I am going to share with you, the [COLOR="Blue"]Classic Nikt'chey[/COLOR] recipe.

I created the classic Nikt'chey, ergo the basic one, in a way that everyone could enjoy this recipe, no matter what´s your diet or foodstyle.

Vegan, Glutenfree, without soja, without nuts... But anyway, Full of Taste :) here we go!

Ingredients for 2 wraps:

4 big leaves of savoy cabbage

1 Carrot

5 little Champignon mushrooms (or your favorite mushroom... But hey! I suggest to not use the magic ones ;D)

1 Piece of Fennel (Stick included)

4 Table spoon of Vegetable broth (FRESHLY MADE! Not that prepared one... bleh bleh!)

2 Table spoon of Olive oil


Guacamole Sauce
Chilly Flakes (Grinded)
Kräuter der Provence (is a mix of herbs made with origan, rosemary, basil, thyme and lavender flowers)
Garlic Powder

As first, let´s make the filling!

- Cut the mushrooms in pieces

- Cut as well the carrot and the fennel "à la julienne" ( in little stripes. Ca. 5cm long and 0.5 cm thick)

- In a pan, with low/medium fire, put the 2 tbsp of Olive oil and wait till the oil is warm (It has NOT to fry).

- Put the mushrooms, the carrot, the fennel and let sit a little bit till the mushrooms start releasing their water.

- Meanwhile cook the savoy cabbage using a STEAM POT. DO NOT boil them. You have to cook them through the steam for ca 10 minutes.

- Put the 4 tbsp of vegetable broth and let sit until the vegetables are well cooked. They have to become soft, but still eadible.

- Season them with the Kräuter der Provence, the chilly flakes (grinded), salt, pepper and garlic powder.

- let cool down a bit the vegetables for 5 minutes (hey hey! Don´t put them in the frigde :) ) and mix them with 2 spoons of guacamole sauce.

- Take away the savoy cabbage  leaves and place them on a dish.

- To make one wrap, you would need 2 leaves. Follow the draw below to know how to make the wrap the right way :)

Your Nikt'chey are now ready to eat!! :D Mjam Mjam!!

I hope you enjoied this recipe ^^ a day, I will probably make a video out of them!! :D

Kíyev ame! Eywa ayngahu! (did I write it good? huhu! ^^)

Ps you can find the same recipe also in "Tree of Souls Forum" :)


Ma Mimi,

that looks delicious :D I'm tempted to test this as well :)

NB: You have the name out of the ASG, right? The official word for food wrap is now niktsyey. A bit similar but still recognizable ;)

I'm looking forward to the video.



Uniltirantokx fmawn! :) :ikran: