First Attempt (retroactively speaking...)

Started by Raiden, August 04, 2013, 03:47:02 AM

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I made this about a year ago.

I decided to make an Avatar for myself, since I had the image in my head for a while, and everyone else is doing it.

Surprisingly, it was my first attempt at drawing anything bipedal for years; I mostly draw mechs, animals, and other non-"humanoid" things, and pretty much every other attempt at drawing something bipedal before this ended up looking mostly terrible.

I don't have one of those fancy pen tablets. This was just my trusty mechanical pencil, a pen, and a printer/copier/scanner. I did use GIMP to touch up on some things and to erase smudges, but that's the only part that was done digitally.

Eventually I want to get a Wacom tablet, because I love drawing, and I want to know what other people think of the terrible beasts that seem to materialize on my math homework, but I'm terrible at transferring physical/traditional art into digital things, so most of my creations just end up snacking on a doodle of whomever wronged me most recently.

Please, critique the hell out of this. I need to know what I did wrong, because I don't know if it looks terrible or if it looks alright until I have a larger sample size of responses.

EDIT: Yes, there is not a version with stripes or with color yet; no stripes because of a lack of time to make them look nice, and no color because I'm awful at coloring things in GIMP.
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I like your drawing!

Well, I also have no digital equipment for digital art like a Wacom tablet, so I have to scan my "traditional" drawn art, but by this procedure a lots of details and contrast decrease.
Anyway, I like it. :D

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First of all: I like your style :)

You want criticism, ok. The arms are too short. Look at this
Even if it is an Avatar, the upper arm has to reach the waist with the elbow.
I know it is difficult to draw humanoids, I have problems with it myself  :D Just keep on going. I would love to see more of your drawings :)