Here comes the Hotstepper

Started by onfim, June 21, 2023, 12:53:22 PM

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I figured that since my Art is slowly finding its place on here, it also needs to be shown.
Therefore I invite anyone a little too curious to my Gallery. You may take a sneaky peek.

But if you are suspicious, or, dare I say, scared, I will give you a spoiler as to what will greet you:
An old seed is reborn and now finding its way towards a once so familiar light.
In short: after years of hibernation, I'm drawing again.

There hasn't been much drawn and uploaded, yet. Most of it are sketches, just doing and trying whatever I want to do and try. Please bear with me as I am loosely trying things out, accuracy and authenticity is achieved with time. And, since I am still currently a student at uni, I don't draw regularly.
It's a fun little concept that is generating itself slowly overtime. Whatever it is, I just have fun with it, nothing else.

Speaking of whatever it is: what is it now?

It's about two characters I randomly created in the AVATAR universe. They just happened to be.
Now, you may laugh at their names (so do I, in hindsight), but it's okay. I purposefully left them as they were. The story behind them is just a little too funny.

May I present to you, Taronyu and Tirea.

[do not repost or use.]

Shockingly big, I know.
I won't stuff you with who they are and what their ''stories'' are. Frankly, I'm still figuring things out, although I do have some good interesting ideas established.
But, what I can tell you, is that one of them is a graduate from the AVATAR program living as something like a ''mediator'' between scientists and the Na'vi (and hunter),
while the other is being freshly baked into a Xenolinguist program.

I don't expect much from uploading these, and although I already am set on the base-concepts, any comment, question and suggestion/ idea is very welcome! I may not write it out, but I'm aware of anatomy mistakes and all that. I'm trying myself out with this, so it's all fun and love for the craft.

Thank you for reading, ulte hayalovay.