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Ikran pen/watercolor project

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So recently (being a bit of an artist) I've taken to attempting to create an Ikran through water color and pen/sketch outline. Thoughts, perhaps?

UPDATE: I'll give regular updates day to day as I work :)

Update #2: Added color to lower wings (ew watercolor) and more than likely I am going to add the back tail wings near the legs
Uodate #3: Added facial color, and darkened out some other areas. Still haven't gotten around to adding lower wings, but that should come soon!
Update #4: Finished upper facial base and abdominal colors. There's going to be some blending (for effect) but I determined that adding the tailwings isnt such a fantastic idea at this point, and they wouldn't be visible from the angle I have anyway (perched)
Update #5: Finished (!) the main body, and I'll be having another artist help me with the background (I'm lazy). It's been a journey for sure!

It looks good :)


--- Quote from: Toliman on January 29, 2019, 02:45:56 am ---It looks good :)

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Thank youuuu!
the watercolor is by far the most anxiety inducing (flashbacks to 3rd grade fiascos)

Oer sunu!  :) SpoilerI like it!


--- Quote from: Lynxcat on January 29, 2019, 08:26:54 am ---Oer sunu!  :) SpoilerI like it!
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irayo ma 'eylan!
it took some precision i normally don't use with my work haha


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