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Last Shadow: HUGE Toruk Sculpture Tribute

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I would say, without any doubt in my heart, that this is the most single ambitious project I have EVER attempted. This will be my tribute to the Avatar series, and how it has changed my life. The sculpture is paper maché, and will be the size of a table, roughly, and will properly represent Toruk in his fiercest form, if my skill allows, which I pray it does. I will post regular updates here on the process, and this will span roughly 2-3 months, or maybe even more. I thank you all for being a part of my inspiration, and I'm super happy to begin! So, without further ado...


Update #1: We began at a simple, small box, which I carved a roughly 2.5 inch diameter hole for a cardboard cylinder, which I will graft into the neck. I have begun sculpting the head into, well... a head, and I am nearing beginning the right side of Toruk's head.  :toruk:

Update #2: I'm actually going to have to saw the sides of Toruk's head off and move them 4 inches up... Sorry Toruk :'(
This will correct the facial dimensions :D

Update #3: Well, I sawed the head, and he certainly didn't like me for it. Took quite some time, but his facial dimensions are set and ready for extended work! Full steam ahead!

Update #4: While Toruk has time to dry, I'm beginning the roof of the upper jaw, as pictured below. This will bring the head to a recognizable shape, and definitely provide some ooo and aaa.
Mini-update: Took some head angle pictures to get an idea of relative size so far :P

Update #5: Finally attached his upper jaw to the main body of the head! This is a huge moment, and I'll have pictures coming soon!

Update #6: Started grafting his eye banking points, and the sides of his maw on his left side. Jaw alignment is still in the works, but Toruk looks slightly more... Toruk-y now hrh.

Great work my friend! :)
Neyva'ky you are awesome!

Great work :) :toruk:
I hope that you will be successfull.

Going to saw the sides of Toruk's head off and move them 4 inches up... I don't think he's happy.  :P

Yeah, true ;D ;D


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